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Currie Rockjock 70 Axle assembly fully licensed by Currie Enterprises.
Precision CNC machined from domestic 6061 billet aluminum.
Made as an upgrade kit for the Axial Wraith platform trucks.
Includes the following as shown in picture above.
1ea. Currie Rockjock 70 housing.
2ea. Bearing mounts.
1ea. Left and right Wraith rear tubes with built in lockouts.
1ea. Dana 60 Differential cover.
1ea. Currie truss / upper link mount
2ea. Currie lower link mounts
1ea. Currie jock strap Delrin skid plate
All hardware needed to mount Currie Axle kit to stock Axial Wraith based kit.
Assembly required, instructions included.
*** Stock Axial Wraith links are compatible with this Currie Rockjock axle.
*** Recommend Vanquish Wraith Titanium link kit.
*** Snap ring pliers needed for instalation of rear axle.
Does not include the following.
axle shafts, hexes, ring and pinion or locker.
Works with the following products.
Vanquish Locker.
The parts shown here are:

Currie Axial Wraith Axle Front Grey
Currie Axial Wraith Axle Rear Grey

Rigid 5 inch light bar with poison spyder JK mount
Requires drilling into the roll cage it worked out very well.
Stock mounts can also be used, just looks mo betta with poison spyder

Poison Spyder JK LED light bar mount Black
RIGID INDUSTRIES 5 LED light bar Black

The KMC Enduro Wheels with 225 hubs, about 1/2 inch wider track width

Wraith Titanium Link kit
Axial WRaith 3/16 DIameter 10pc Titanium Link Set ax30792 ax80083 ax80073 ax80073

Vanquish VVDs
AXIAL Wraith cvd ridgecrest universal Heavy Duty Axle shafts universal 300m ax30780 ax30779

Vanquish lockers
Axial Wraith locker for SCX10 and AX10 type axles ax30500 ax80002 ax30385

Vanquish 8 degree Chubs and Knuckles
axial wraith steering knuckles ax80061 ax30760
Axial Wraith Chubs c-hub XR-10 ax30762 ax80062

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